from fuel to juice through a steam cycle

Electric generation with a thermal steam-turbine

These are the Print and Online news entries related to steam generation of electricity, both on-site and inter-tied to the grid. The nation is moving closer to a mostly electric-driven economy without as much carbon.  Solar generation continues to expand at a brisk pace and wind is poised for a rapid expansion to offshore locations offering better locations and larger, more efficient turbines.  Please enjoy this page with its examples of ELECTRIC GENERATION.

Risk of Power Outages in Extreme Weather  Utility Dive 11-14-22

Federal Electric Energy Commission’s Interest in RTO Expansions Utility Dive 7-21-22

Tucson Electric’s Solar and Wind Starts Up  Posted by The Arizona Daily Star 5-3-21

Are offshore wind turbines coming to California?  Posted by The Daily Democrat 2-13-21 

Ratepayers file suit over San Onofre shutdown  Posted by Los Angeles Times 11-15-14

A combined wind, solar, energy storage project  Posted by Renewable Energy World 8-2-19

A wind-solar pairing cuts equipment costs  Posted by KTIC-AM, Nebraska Rural Radio

PG&E’s fall could hurt state push for cleaner energy  Printed in the Sacramento Bee 2-1-19

Re-powering the world’s first Offshore wind farm  Posted in GreenTech Research 12-19-18

SMUD Goes to Time of Use Rates  Printed in the Sacramento Bee 10-15-18

Russian hackers infiltrated utility control rooms  Posted on Utility Dive 7-24-18

Headwinds rise against natural gas  Printed in the Sacramento Bee 4-1-18

Solar PV + storage beats methane peaker plants in Minnesota  Aired by Minnesota Public Radio 7-11-17

Floating Solar PV in small water bodies  Posted by Natural Resources Defense Council  7-5-17

Nuke plants want more subsidies  Printed in the Sacramento Bee 4-10-17

Westinghouse (nuclear) files Chapter 11  Posted in Utility Dive 3-29-17

Time to level transmission costs for renewable electricity  Printed in Sacramento Bee 3-7-17

Mass. proposal thinks 100% renewable by 2050  Posted by 2-25-17

SMUD to buy solar output  Printed in Sacramento Bee 1-25-17

Solar Now Cheapest New Energy Form in 60 Countries  Posted by Daily Kos 1-1-17

Photovoltaics Beat Fossil Electricity in California  Posted by Greentech Media 12-22-16

Finland Says No to Coal  Associated Press (Printed in Sacramento Bee 11-25-16)

Pacific Gas & Electric PR Advertisement  Posted in Sacramento Bee 8-6-16

Anatomy of a Nuke Closure at PG&E  Posted in Utility Dive 7-7-16

Cal-ISO Plans for small Distributed Energy Resources  Printed in Sacramento Bee 6-26-16

Freeman on Diablo Canyon Closure and Nukes  Printed in Sacramento Bee 6-26-16

Pacific Gas & Electric will NOT re-license Diablo Canyon in 2024-25  Posted in PG&E Currents 6-21-16