from fuel to juice through a steam cycle

Electric generation with a thermal steam-turbine

These are the Print and Online news entries related to steam generation of electricity, both on-site and inter-tied to the grid. The nation is moving closer to a mostly electric-driven economy without as much carbon.  Solar generation continues to expand at a brisk pace and wind is poised for a rapid expansion to offshore locations offering better locations and larger, more efficient turbines.  Please enjoy this page with its examples of ELECTRIC GENERATION .

A combined wind, solar, energy storage project  Posted by Renewable Energy World 8-2-19

A wind-solar pairing cuts equipment costs  Posted by KTIC-AM, Nebraska Rural Radio

PG&E’s fall could hurt state push for cleaner energy  Printed in the Sacramento Bee 2-1-19

Re-powering the world’s first Offshore wind farm  Posted in GreenTech Research 12-19-18

SMUD Goes to Time of Use Rates  Printed in the Sacramento Bee 10-15-18

Russian hackers infiltrated utility control rooms  Posted on Utility Dive 7-24-18

Headwinds rise against natural gas  Printed in the Sacramento Bee 4-1-18

Solar PV + storage beats methane peaker plants in Minnesota  Aired by Minnesota Public Radio 7-11-17

Floating Solar PV in small water bodies  Posted by Natural Resources Defense Council  7-5-17

Nuke plants want more subsidies  Printed in the Sacramento Bee 4-10-17

Westinghouse (nuclear) files Chapter 11  Posted in Utility Dive 3-29-17

Time to level transmission costs for renewable electricity  Printed in Sacramento Bee 3-7-17

Mass. proposal thinks 100% renewable by 2050  Posted by 2-25-17

SMUD to buy solar output  Printed in Sacramento Bee 1-25-17

Solar Now Cheapest New Energy Form in 60 Countries  Posted by Daily Kos 1-1-17

Photovoltaics Beat Fossil Electricity in California  Posted by Greentech Media 12-22-16

Finland Says No to Coal  Associated Press (Printed in Sacramento Bee 11-25-16)

Pacific Gas & Electric PR Advertisement  Posted in Sacramento Bee 8-6-16

Anatomy of a Nuke Closure at PG&E  Posted in Utility Dive 7-7-16

Cal-ISO Plans for small Distributed Energy Resources  Printed in Sacramento Bee 6-26-16

Freeman on Diablo Canyon Closure and Nukes  Printed in Sacramento Bee 6-26-16

Pacific Gas & Electric will NOT re-license Diablo Canyon in 2024-25  Posted in PG&E Currents 6-21-16