New energy technologies allow an entire college campus to pull from and push back thermal energy from the earth

Underground energy storage system via geothermal heat pumps at Colorado Mesa University

New energy technologies from Print and Online news sources are featured here.  Often we see action that mimics the old phrase, “Necessity is the mother of invention.”  In the businesses related to energy use, generation, preservation, and avoidance there is nearly always something new coming to market.  Please enjoy this page with its examples of NEW ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES.

Pacific Gas & Electric’s latest electricity storage procurement  Posted by Greentech Media 12-23-20

An All-Electric Backhoe by Case quiets the worksite  Posted by 3-16-20

A $9 Billion question on gas distribution line replacement with Geo MicroDistricts, PHCP Pros 2-3-20

A downtown underground (ambient) geothermal fluid main  Posted by PHCP Pros 8-6-19

Geothermal heating/cooling without the boreholes  Posted by PHCP Pros 5-6-19

Re-defining Zero Energy at Mandalay Homes  Builder Magazine 8-28-19

HERS Ratings- How Low Can You Go?  Builder Magazine 8-16-19

Promising results from a carbon capture biomass retrofit project in Denmark              Posted by Electric Light & Power  6-4-19

A Million EVs are now with us  Posted on The Hill by UC Davis Transportation 11-14-18

Peaker plants becoming cost IN-effective in 5 years Posted by GTM Research 3-20-18

SoCal Edison avoids gas peakers by electric storage  Posted on Utility Dive 8-10-17

Dandelion launched by Google X  Printed in the Sacramento Been 7-6-17

Low-tech ice-based irrigation in northern India  Posted by CNN 7-20-17

SMUD’s holistic DER Planning  Posted on Utility Dive 6-16-17

Geo Loopfield Project Engineering  Posted on LinkedIn 2-23-17

PG&E’s first grid storage  Posted in PG&E Currents 2-16-17

General Motors — Honda team up on hydrogen fuel cell power  Printed in the Sacramento Bee 1-31-17

Vestas 9MW wind turbine sets new record  Posted by Digital Trends 1-30-17

Can Natural Gas Giants Switch to Geo?  Posted by Renewable Energy World 1-25-17

Electric vehicle push must continue  Sacramento Bee 12-11-16

Remove Cooling Towers to Prevent Legionnaire’s Disease  Posted in Renewable Energy World 12-1-16

Pacific Gas & Electric PR Advertisement  Posted in Sacramento Bee 8-6-16

100 MW grid storage will substitute for gas peaker plants in LA  Reprinted in Scientific American 7-7-16

Cal-ISO Plans for small Distributed Energy Resources  Printed in Sacramento Bee 6-26-16

Utility Business Model Adapts to Clean Energy Future  Posted in PG&E Currents 4-13-16