These are the Print and Online news entries related to climate change defense.  The world’s scientific community and citizens of many nations are worried as they feel the early stages of accelerated climate change caused by mankind’s habits.  Please enjoy this page with its examples of CLIMATE CHANGE DEFENSE

Bill McKibben’s Simple Climate Math  Rolling Stone 4-2-23 

A Record Arctic Outbreak in New England  Washington Post printed in Sacto Bee 2-5-23

NASA’s Numbers on Earth’s Heat Retention  Washington Post printed in Sacto Bee 6-18-21

Glacial Melt faster than ever before  Posted by Associated Press 4-29-21

 Ocean Data Collection by Surfboard Drone Washington Post, printed in Sacto Bee 4-18-21

Texas Cities’ Climate Plans Opposed posted by The Guardian 3-1-21

Climate Change is as Real As COVID-19; treat it that way  LA Times 3-24-20

Bay Area Rising Sea Disaster  Posted by the LA Times 2-13-20

Sempra Won’t Become the Next Kodak  Posted by the San Diego Tribune 2-7-20

California will miss its climate policy targets  Posted on MIT Technical Review 11-1-19

New York State now leads the climate fight  Posted on Politico 7-18-19

Companies see climate change hitting bottom lines in next 5 years   Printed in Sacramento Bee 6-5-19

More natural gas isn’t a “middle ground”—it’s a climate disaster  Posted by Vox 5-30-19

Trump Administration hardens its attack on climate science  (NY Times) Printed in Sacto Bee 5-28-19

Supreme Court rejects Exxon over climate change documents  Posted by Reuters 1-7-19

Another warm record published by NASA (NY Times) Printed in the Sacramento Bee 12-11-19

Public Buy-in to Fight Climate Change—French Style  Printed in the Sacramento Bee 12-11-18

A California Legislator talks damage by Aliso Canyon  Posted by the Los Angeles Daily news 10-30-18

SB-100 signed by Brown.  California will be carbon neutral by 2045. Associated Press 9-10-18.

2017 was another hot one  Posted by Los Angeles Times 1-19-18

GAO on Climate Change  Posted by Associated Press News 10-24-17

Trump’s NO to Paris Agreement  Posted by the Washington Post 6-1-17

CA Carbon Market Rebound  Printed in the Sacramento Bee 5-25-17

California emissions program on track  Printed in the Sacramento Bee 4-15-17

75% Zero Net Energy at Fort Bliss, Texas  Printed in Heat Spring Magazine, Spring, 2017

VW Sponsors Green City  Printed in the Sacramento Bee 3-17-17

Cap & Trade faces tough questions  Printed in the Sacramento Bee 1-25-17

China Scratches 103 Coal Plants  Printed in Sacramento Bee 1-19-17

Limits on Aliso Canyon (Gas) Storage  Printed in the Sacramento Bee 1-18-17

2016 Was Hottest Year Yet  Posted by National Public Radio 1-18-17

Race To Protect Climate Data Inside U.S. Government and its National Laboratories  Printed in Sacramento Bee 12-14-16

California climate fight painful?   Los Angeles Times 12-12-16  

Brown (post-election) on Climate Change  Printed in Sacramento Bee 12-7-16

Climate Change Action is Local  Printed in Sacramento Bee 11-25-16

Buyers Wary of Coastal Flooding  New York Times (Printed in Sacramento Bee 11-25-16)

Pacific Gas & Electric PR Advertisement  Posted in Sacramento Bee 8-6-16