These are the Print and Online news entries related to Regulations and Policy.  Government jurisdictions drive regulation by the creation of policies designed to obtain certain results.  Often, incentives (inducements or penalties) are offered to achieve the desired result.  The simplest un-contested regulation on a two-lane highway would be that one always drives on the right side of the centerline.  Anything beyond that is often open to debate that is sometimes perpetual.  Please enjoy this page with its examples of REGULATION AND POLICY.

Change in CA Solar Tariff for Reliability & Decarbonization CPUC 12-15-22

State votes to slash rooftop solar credits, ending long battle SF Examiner 12-15-22

CPUC Revisits Net Energy Metering Policy for Solar PV CPUC November 2022

Cuts in Rooftop Solar by PUC a Huge Mistake  Sacto Bee Editorial Board 1-24-22

California Governor wants no fracking & reduced oil  Printed in Sacramento Bee 4-25-21

Big Coal Pushes back against Biden Climate Plan  Printed in the Sacramento Bee 3-30-21

Sierra Club Voice on CEC’s new Title-24  Posted online by SC on 2-14-21

Carbon Price in Canada of $170 by 2030 is great news  Posted by CleanTechnica 12-11-20

San Francisco is latest city to ban gas  Posted by Inside Climate News 11-13-20

6 Ex-EPA Directors call for a reset after the election  AP- Printed in the Sacto Bee 8-13-20

Judge Tosses Trump’s Cap & Trade Challenge  Printed in the Sacramento Bee 7-19-20

EPA Limits States’ Power  NYTimes Climate Forward 6-1-20

Rocky Mountain Power wants to kill off Residential Solar PV  Posted by PV Magazine 2-19-20  

Trump Rule Would Exclude Climate Change in Infrastructure Planning Posted by NYT 1-3-20

City of Menlo Park outlaws natural gas by 2020  Posted by Mercury News 8-28-19

Astroturf ghostwriters support LNG Oregon Terminal  Posted by HuffPost 8-25-19

Sleazy “astroturf” politics to support more gas  Posted by the LA Times 8-10-19

City of Berkeley, CA shuns gas  Posted in Berkleyside 7-17-19

Chevron spills 800,000 gallons near Bakersfield  Associated Press 7-12-19

OPEC head worries about youth movement  Posted in Grist 7-5-19

Perry says oil, gas, and coal can be cleaner  Printed in the Sacramento Bee 5-31-19

PG&E wants higher rates by 2020  Printed in Sacramento Bee 4-23-19

Edison wouldn’t like DOE policy shift on lighting  Printed in Sacramento Bee 4-17-19

Republicans struggle for alternatives to Green New Deal  Printed in Sacramento Bee 3-27-19

Rollbacks for fossil industries  Printed in Sacramento Bee 1-28-19

EPA kills Obama Coal Rules  Printed in Sacramento Bee 12-29-18

Washington “Clean Energy Smart Deal” proposed  Posted by GeekWire 12-11-18

California Misses its Air Goals  Printed in Sacramento Bee 11-28-18

What is the “Green New Deal?”  Posted in Grist 6-30-18

California looks at solar mandate by 2020 Posted by LA Times 5-8-18

California looks to ZEBs as next Fontier  Sacramento Bee and NRDC website 4-22-18

King Coal’s preferred outcome  Printed in the Sacramento Bee 1-12-18

Struggle for a better image at California’s PUC  Posted by CalMatters 8-27-17

Cap and Trade extension criticized in California  Printed in Sacramento Bee 7-14-17

Environmental Legacy Insurance for California’s Jerry Brown?  Printed in Sacto Bee 7-9-17

California C&T carbon auctions ruled legal  Printed in the Sacramento Bee 6-29-17

Nukes up for tax credit extension  Utility Dive 6-19-17

Vote near for Oregon Fossil Terminal  Printed in Sacramento Bee 5-15-17

Stop building natural gas plants (in CA)  Printed in the Sacramento Bee 4-4-17

C.A.R.B.’s Nichols to Auto Execs, “What Gives?”  Printed in the Sacramento Bee 3-29-17

Trump signs executive order against Clean Power Plan  Posted by Utility Dive 3-28-17

Massachusetts thinks 100% renewable by 2050  Posted in 2-25-17

Mileage-Emissions De-regulation by Trump?  Printed in the Sacramento Bee 3-19-17

California pays billions for unneeded power  Posted by the Los Angeles Times 2-5-17

Save Porter Ranch complains  Posted by LA Daily News 1-30-17

Cap & Trade faces tough questions  Printed in the Sacramento Bee 1-25-17

CA Climate Policies Boost Central Valley’s Economy  Printed in the Sacramento Bee 1-22-17

Limits on Aliso Canyon (Gas) Storage  Printed in the Sacramento Bee 1-18-17

15 States tell Trump to keep Obama’s Clean Power Plan  Associated Press (Printed in Sacramento Bee 12-30-16)

Nevada Restores Retail Net Energy Metering for Solar  Posted by Greentech Media 12-22-16

California Energy Commission Posts New Efficiency Rules on Computers  Printed in Sacramento Bee 12-14-16

Brown Wants Ban on CA Offshore Drilling  Printed in Sacramento Bee 12-14-16

EPA says fracking can harm drinking water  Printed in Sacramento Bee 12-14-16

Global Divestment Report on Fossil Fuels  Posted by  12-12-16

California climate fight painful?   Los Angeles Times 12-12-16  

Electric vehicle push must continue  Sacramento Bee 12-11-16

Trump team seeks names of federal climate change employees  Washington Post 12-10-16

Brown (post-election) on Climate Change  Printed in Sacramento Bee 12-7-16

Climate Change Action is Local  Printed in Sacramento Bee 11-25-16

Buyers Wary of Coastal Flooding  New York Times (Printed in Sacramento Bee 11-25-16)

Finland Says No to Coal  Associated Press (Printed in Sacramento Bee 11-25-16)

Trump Picks Top Climate Skeptic to Lead EPA  Posted on ClimateWire, 9-26-16

CEC’s McAllister defends Prop. 39  Printed in Sacramento Bee 9-1-15