CaliforniaGeo Board Meetings

The CaliforniaGeo Board meets monthly, usually on Friday mornings at 9:30am (Pacific Time) around mid-month.  These sessions are held via the WebEx electronic meeting platform.  In accordance with Article 5 of the organization’s ByLaws, members are welcome to join in by advance request through the Contact Us page and will be sent login information to join that meeting.  Members may contribute comment but may only vote on processes of corporate governance, such as electing members to the Board of Directors.


The Board usually meets on Friday mornings (Pacific Time) around the second week of each month. 


Upcoming Meetings—

Friday, March 16th @9:30 am PDT

Saturday, April 21st @9am-to-2pm PDT  Annual in-person board meeting, San Jose, CA

Thursday May 10th @9:30am PDT

June ? @9:30 am PDT