Member Benefits

CaliforniaGeo members receive a variety of benefits designed to help them achieve business success in the growing ground source heat pump market in California. These membership benefits include:


As a CaliforniaGeo member, you are more visible to your professional colleagues, and the synergy that can come from shared purpose.  Your peer relationships can lead to overload referrals, and opportunities to combine forces toward greater efforts to expand sales and renewable HVAC awareness.


Legislative Advocacy: CaliforniaGeo represents the industry in Sacramento and across the state. We promote legislation (for example, AB2339) and standards (for example, ANSI-CSA-IGSHPA 448-Series 16) to ensure a solid foundation for industry growth in the Golden State.


Members can follow (or participate) in the campaign to align California’s regulations with its statutory goals.  A case in point is the disconnect between Title-24 regulatory default preference for methane boilers, furnaces and hot water heaters in all new residential construction with the statutory goals of AB 32, which demands continuous reduction in emissions from combustion.  CaliforniaGeo is a party to PUC proceedings to experiment in the San Joaquin Valley to avoid gas pipeline extension among 170 non-served communities.

Geothermal Resource: CaliforniaGeo serves as a general resource for industry development, fielding questions from both the public and private sectors at conference, meetings and over the web. In addition, CaliforniaGeo is developing guidelines and documents for geothermal best practices in the State of California. Members receive access to these documents (as they become available) at no charge.


Advertising: your company name and contact details will be posted on our website under “Members.” Our “Members” directory makes it easy for potential clients both to find your firm and to confirm that you are a proven member of the geothermal industry.

Use of Logo: members are free to use an approved CaliforniaGeo logo on their websites to demonstrate their commitment to industry excellence. 


Professional Development: CaliforniaGeo provides professional development opportunities to its members by offering periodic webinars, seminars, and recorded online learning opportunities.