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Get greener and join the California Geothermal Heat Pump Association.  Purchase a membership from the appropriate category below.  We can only function with your support.  There are benefits for you, the member, by joining with us in the effort to deploy many more geo heat pumps in California.  Renewable heating and cooling can cut greenhouse gas emissions and reduce electrical demands on the grid.

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Affiliates: [NEW 2016 MEMBERSHIP CATEGORY]   Students, government employees, current geothermal building owners, and interested advocates of geothermal heat pump technology within the general public.  This membership is dirt cheap at 5¢ per day, and you won’t find a better green investment to help fight climate change.
      Annual Dues: $18.00

Service Providers:  Companies with a primary focus of providing a service such as architects, builders, conductivity testing, consultants, designers, developers, drilling contractors, engineers, financing representatives, ground loop installers, HVAC contractors,  training personnel, and public and investor-owned utility companies.
      Annual Dues: $125.00

Distributors and Reps:  Companies providing representation for ancillary manufacturers and GHP manufacturers including distributors, commercial reps and manufacturer’s representatives.
      Annual Dues: $250.00

Manufacturers:  Manufacturing companies that produce equipment, materials, tools or components inside or outside the geothermal industry.
      Annual Dues: $375.00 

Heat Pump Manufacturers:  Companies that produce or market geo heat pumps under their own brand name.
      Annual Dues: $500.00

Remember that there’s renewable heating and cooling available right under your feet.  Together we can accelerate the pace of geo heat pump installations in California and elsewhere.  That makes a difference that spares the air, protects the environment, and combats climate change.  Your business will thrive and your neighbors won’t miss the drone of air conditioners outside that contributes to heat islands or humidity increases due to cooling towers in commercial buildings.