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Work 510 Klenck Ln Billings Montana 59101 USA Work Phone: (406) 259-2532 Website: Bertram Drilling


With the escalating price of natural gas and other fuels, geothermal heating and cooling has become an increasingly popular alternative for residential and commercial applications. Where conventional methods burn fossil fuels to create heat, the geothermal process simply harnesses the existing energy of the earth. A mixture of water and non-toxic antifreeze is constantly circulated through a closed loop of pipe buried in the ground in vertical or horizontal bore holes. In winter, the earth’s heat is absorbed by the circulating liquid. Ground source heat pumps transfer this heat to the building; in summer, the process is reversed, thereby dissipating the heat from inside the building into the ground.

Bertram Drilling Corp., and it’s sister company, Bertram Drilling Inc., of Billings, Montana, have been involved in the drilling of bore holes and installation of closed loops and geothermal equipment for many years.

Key Benefits

  • Efficient, cost effective
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Quick recovery of initial investment
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510 Klenck Ln Billings Montana 59101 USA