Locating Members of CaliforniaGeo

If you’re looking for help, consultation, or a contracting provider for efficient buildings or equipment, our membership directory is a good place to start for locating members of CaliforniaGeo.  There’s lots of experience represented by our listed members.  All it takes is a call or email to the specialist of your choice.

Every non-profit organization will tell you that your membership revenue is vital to their operation.   CaliforniaGeo is no different in attempting to gain your attention.  We run an all-volunteer organization whose 501c6 incorporated status requires certain recurring expenses just to stay in business.  These include insurance, mail drop, yearly audit, banking, and five categories of website development and maintenance expense.


Our plans to maintain and expand our geo heat pump effort depends on steadily increasing membership to handle these expenses plus others associated with increasing our educational webinars and seminars and providing response to membership queries throughout the year.  These sessions, in addition to increased content on this website are the only cost-effective pathways we currently have to spread the message that earth-coupled heat pumps can help save the planet by ditching carbon for heating and cooling.  Our technology is also the best path for Zero Net Energy buildings, everywhere.

Your tax-deductible membership (or renewal) and referrals to your friends and colleagues can sustain us to take California out of last place in the nation’s geothermal heat pump deployment.  JOIN HERE!

We thank you.  —Bill Martin, Webmaster