Education Program Sponsors

This is where we explain the importance of our partner-sponsors who help us craft and distribute the informational content that lets the public see the efficiencies of geothermal heat pump installations.  Fighting to turn California’s ambitious statutes and policies into action on the ground is a challenge, particularly when it comes to getting geo heat pumps deployed across the state.  There are still too few consumers, building departments, architects and engineers who know about or understand our technology.  Seminars, webinars, and speaking engagements are the path that can correct this.  But it takes traction for our message and cooperating partners to make it happen.

Such a role can be fulfilled by collaboration, public relations, coordinated advertising, venues for a speakers’ bureau, and direct financial support.  If interested in such a role for yourself, your company or your organization, please Contact Us.


Geothermal Exchange Organization (GEO)
The Geothermal Exchange Organization  is the voice of the U.S. geothermal heat pump industry and was our largest sponsor in 2015. G.E.O. speaks for out industry—nationwide.  It’s because of their efforts that tax and other financial incentives exist for geothermal heat pump technology.  Their connection to the spheres of influence in Washington, D.C. is paramount in growing the industry so it can save the planet.

In a changing energy world, our government affairs and public outreach strategies are more important than ever before in knocking down barriers to industry growth. As a non-profit trade association, CaliforniaGeo’s mission is to support our members’ business objectives while promoting maximum, sustainable growth of the geothermal heat pump industry in the west.  One of our primary goals is to assist, help coordinate, and support the efforts of state and regional geothermal heat pump advocacy organizations.  We want to encourage all Californians to increase their use of geothermal heat pump technology, in keeping with the Golden State’s robust history of energy efficiency adoption. In 2015, G.E.O. stood behind our educational effort to produce a day-long Zero Net Energy Seminar in San Jose, CA.  The recorded content of that day is HERE

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