GSHP Design is a 9-hour course (covered in three 3-hour modules) and is an update of last year’s course for Architects, Engineers, Designers, Contractors, Building Owners and Developers, and those mechanical contractors who want to consider adding a geo-side to their business.   The three modules can be purchased independently of one another or group-purchased at a discount.   Participants will be given free design software that is used in the course.


Module 1: Overview of Ground‐Source Heat Pump (GSHP) Systems

  COMPLETED ON 10/21/21

Overview of system components and types of ground heat exchangers, site characterization, thermal properties testing, and pipe fusion demonstration.

 CLICK HERE for details of what you’ll learn from Instructors Steve Kavanaugh and Chad Martin


Module 2: Design of Ground Source Heat Pump Systems

    COMPLETED ON 10/28/21

Thirteen-step design process, including instruction using provided software for Ground Heat Exchanger Sizing, Pump Calculations, AHRI test data corrections to design conditions, and more.  Design for closed-loop vertical ground heat exchanger and closed-loop surface water heat exchanger connected to a commercial building.   It is assumed that the attendee has gone through Module 1 or already has a basic understanding of GSHPs.

 CLICK HERE for details of what you’ll learn from Instructor Steve Kavanaugh.


Module 3: Ground Source Heat Pump Systems:  Special Topics

  COMPLETED ON 11/4/21

Design of surface water systems, and design considerations for cold v. warm regions.  It is recommended that attendees participate in the previous modules; however, it is not mandatory.  Module 3 provides information on current codes and standards as they apply to ground-source heat pumps systems and information on additional resources for design and construction.

CLICK HERE  for details of what you’ll learn from Instructors Steve Kavanaugh and Lisa Meline.