Three for the money—so let’s go!

(Geothermal Can Satisfy Any Building You Want)

CaliforniaGeo 12-14–18

When some members of the public first hear about geothermal heat pumps (GHPs) as some sort of thermal efficiency miracle, it’s probably tied to a specific type of building.  And if that type is not one that is likely to serve them in the future, their interest can soften or disappear.

Those of us who live and breathe GHPs don’t lose heart for at least two reasons: we know of multiple adaptations of the technology to different building configurations, and/or we happen to live or work inside a geo-equipped building.  Let’s remember that positive, direct experience spreads by word of mouth.  A negative report kills the potential interest of others. 

Here are three building samples of varied sizes for the money (savings) They all contain GHPs for heating, cooling, and hot water.  Two have already achieved carbonless zero net energy (ZNE), and the third is LEED Platinum on the way to ZNE.  If these buildings are a success (they are) then any building you can conceive of can do the same.

This already highly rated building combines GHPs working the underground resource with over 600 KW of solar PV making electricity from the sky to power it.  When an additional 400 KW is deployed over parking spaces, this facility will transition the rest of the way to carbonless ZNE.  A more detailed feature can be found HERE.



The second example building (Parkview Place) is a multi-family condominium-style residence that utilizes both solar PV and solar thermal (hot water), complementing a water-to-water style geothermal heat pump.

This building has consistently exceeded carbonless ZNE efficiency and  provides an example for this structure category.  Architects and engineers, unite!  You too can follow this lead to better serve your customers with the most efficient option.  See more about Parkview Place’s construction and performance, HERE.






Our third feature is a home in the northern Sierra Nevada Mountains that uses one of the smallest capacity GHPs for conditioning a large residence.  This was made possible by maximizing the performance of the building’s envelope to reduce the necessary size of its 7.4 KW solar PV array.