Energy Policy & Regulations

Do Regulatory Rollbacks Help or Hurt?

Blog #74, CaliforniaGeo, 5-15-2020 The Climate Forward department of the New York Times has been covering many subjects that pertain to sustainability, renewable resources, climate change, greenhouse gases, and the like.  They began a tally immediately after the Trump Inauguration in early 2017.  Since then, the rhetoric against environmentalism preceded the massive rollbacks of previous […]

World climate defense—the U.S. is not helping

CaliforniaGeo 12-10-19 There are 197 nations other than the United States who committed to the Paris Accords of 2015.  Even though the Green New Deal and Greta Thunberg have become well known for de-carbonization, the U.S. has maintained that energy “independence” is still a worthy policy goal. False Independence- Historically, a number of critical moments […]

Remembering the Methane Express

111 Days at Aliso Canyon CaliforniaGeo  5-25-19 This spring saw the completion of a 258-page third party analysis by Blade Energy Partners of well SS-25 at Aliso Canyon, CA, just north of Los Angeles.  The analysis covered the direct causes and the root causes of this uncontrolled leak of 6.6 billion cubic feet of methane […]

How Now, De-carbonization?

(Will California rules be used to keep on burning gas in homes?) CaliforniaGeo 4-8–19 This week, two California state agencies will begin workshops whose purpose is to achieve de-carbonization in buildings.  The Public Utility Commission is the lead agency and will collaborate with the Energy Commission to enact provisions of SB 1477, the Low-emissions buildings […]

Emissions reality vs the Green New Deal

Will politics and obstructive policy prevent climate defense? CaliforniaGeo 2-26-19   Sixty years of sampling at the top of a 13,000-foot Hawaiian volcano show that the upward march of carbon dioxide in the world’s troposphere continues to climb steeply.  But, there are still some who express doubts.            Those doubts are composed […]

California falling Short on Climate Protection

Transportation still exceeds greenhouse gas limits CaliforniaGeo 11-28-18 California’s dedication to all things green by statute and regulatory policy has been a multi-decade effort but it is faltering.  A November report by the California Air Resources Board  cites the assessment that greenhouse gas reductions are not on track to meet established goals. The state’s landmark […]

The 2018 National Climate Assessment

Evidence continues to be alarming CaliforniaGeo 11-28-18 Government scientists from eight departments and five agencies released the National Climate Assessment Report on November 23rd, and the news is not good.  These were some of the same organizations that began backing up  decades of acquired data on outside servers after the presidential election of 2016 signalled […]

Carbon auctions ruled legal in California

State Supreme Court says auction of carbon credits is constitutional Sacramento Bee 6-29-17 BY DALE KASLER Californians pay more for gasoline and other goods to finance the state’s war on climate change. The state Supreme Court decided Wednesday they’ll continue paying for at least three more years. The court declined to hear a lawsuit […]

A Leading State Plans for Progress

 (and it’s not California) CaliforniaGeo 6-12-17 [On April 19-20, 2017, the New York Geothermal Energy Organization held a conference in Albany, the state’s capital.  It was titled “Helping New York Meet Its Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Goals.”  This state has built momentum that few others can claim.] Final attendance figures have not been published, but the […]

A Letter to the Editor on Energy Policy

Is slashing the EPA budget an act of shooting yourself in the foot? Sacramento Bee 3-20-17 “Don’t slash the EPA’s budget What if ISIS was responsible for the flooding that damaged or destroyed 40,000 homes in Louisiana in 2016? What if al-Qaida was responsible for the California foothills forest fires that destroyed thousands of homes […]