Geo Heat Pump Applications

vertical closed loop ground heat exchanger

Vertical Grouted Geo Borehole (field)

One method to exchange thermal energy with the earth is a multi-bore, vertical loop field, sized to serve the geothermal heat pump equipment inside the building.  Grouted boreholes range from 150-to-500 feet in depth and are spaced least 15 feet apart.  Once the closed loop fluid’s piping (serving as a heat exchanger) drops 20 feet underground, the […]

open loop ground heat exchanger

Water Well With Re-injection (open loop)

A standard water well can be utilized to serve a geothermal heat pump with a stable supply of water from the shallow earth that usually does not vary in temperature throughout the year. Instead of bringing water into the house and see it lost to a gray water, sewer drain, or outside irrigation, the heat pump […]

surface water pond lake closed loop ground heat exchanger

Underwater closed loop

This closed loop takes advantage of direct water contact between the heat exchanger piping and water in a pond.  Conduction of thermal energy between the two is enhanced because fluid resides on both the inside and outside surface of the loop’s pipe.  Whenever there is a difference in temperature (ΔT), those fluids conduct thermal energy […]