Geo Heat Pump Applications

“Baby Steps” Of District Geo Loops In Massachusetts

Blog #94  It started with citizen concern. A community-minded group centered near Boston called HEET had worked for some time to weatherize housing in the area to lower energy costs for consumers.  Lower bills and carbon reduction were also on their mind.  Many residents benefitted from greater comfort, too. When local methane leakage from 100-year old gas […]

Utility Participation and Iterative Design over Rules of Thumb

Ground Loop Precision for Commercial Applications Blog #82 CaliforniaGeo 9-7-21  IGSHPA’s latest Town Hall- In keeping with an effort to stimulate, enlighten, and provide education on topics aligned with geothermal heat pump technology, the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association produced its most recent Town Hall session on August 26th.  Even though the option for […]

In Touch With Underground Physics

Blog #78 CaliforniaGeo 12-10-20    One of those twice-a-year events-      I live in the northern Sierra Nevada at a latitude of 40°North.  Like everyone else we are captives of (or influenced by) the Earth’s seasons.  I’m very much aware that this week we are only about 10 days away from Winter Solstice.  That means there […]

The six pipe simultaneous chiller/boiler

A marvel of efficiency CaliforniaGeo, 7-10-19 The six pipe simultaneous chiller/boiler (aka heat recovery chiller) is a larger-than-residential heat pump system composed of linked, connectible modules in graduated 20-to-80 ton capacities.  When deployed as five dual scroll modular units, these can throttle back to 10% of their staged full capacity (15% with four linked modules) […]

Three for the money—so let’s go!

(Geothermal Can Satisfy Any Building You Want) CaliforniaGeo 12-14–18 When some members of the public first hear about geothermal heat pumps (GHPs) as some sort of thermal efficiency miracle, it’s probably tied to a specific type of building.  And if that type is not one that is likely to serve them in the future, their […]

Renewable power and geo heat pumps—a marriage of more than convenience

CaliforniaGeo 6-21-18 (Happy solstice!) What’s the most efficient thermal technology for space heating, cooling, and water heating?  It’s a geothermal (or ground source) heat pump (GHP).  Long ago recognized  by the EPA as holding this title, the heat source’s / heat sink’s thermal energy available to a GHP is free, renewable, sustainable, and available everywhere […]

The Importance of Bi-National Industry Standard CSA 448 – Series 16

CaliforniaGeo 8-15-17  An Operational Roadmap- The importance of recognized standards in every organized business or industry is the only way to ensure that outcomes fall into what we would refer to as norms, or acceptable performance.  Consistent results are what matters.  The U.S. Public Health Service Telegraphic Code of 1915, (shown at right), made the […]

A municipal complex gets GeoExchange® via a pond

CaliforniaGeo 8-3-17 Worn out infrastructure? Struggling with an HVAC system composed of various technologies of ages up to 25 years in their main municipal headquarters building, the City of Fort Collins, Colorado installed a complete geothermal heat pump retrofit.  The new system will provide a carbonless heating and  efficient cooling system for over twice that […]

An authoritative study for ASHRAE proves geo heat pumps ARE best

CaliforniaGeo 6-20-17 [This study was conducted by Oklahoma State University’s Jeffrey Spitler and Laura Southard.  Data processing was overseen by Xiaobing Liu of Oak Ridge National Laboratory.] A major retrofit project to the U.S. headquarters building in Atlanta, GA for the American Society of Heating and Refrigeration Engineers was envisioned as a “split system” but […]

De-bunking Myths About Geothermal HVAC

CaliforniaGeo 4-13–17 [On November 21, 2014, Don Penn, President of Image Engineering Group in Grapevine, TX made a presentation to the annual conference of the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) regarding 10 myths held by the public regarding geothermal heat pumps.  This blog entry deals with a selection of five of those 10.] […]