A Greener America

Upcoming Dryness (More Danger?)

Blog #86, CaliforniaGeo 4-7-22  Plumas (recent) fire history- Where I live in Quincy, California, we’ve been threatened by wildfire three times in the past five years and we evacuated twice.  The largest and longest danger we endured was from the Dixie Fire from mid-July to late-October, 2021.  By the time of its containment its staffing […]

Proven Carbon Capture and Avoidance

Photons to wood and Photons to electricity Blog #83, CaliforniaGeo 11-16–21  Fall can be a colorful time of year.  For some, it is the final goodbye to summer’s growing season and for others, a warning that shorter days are already here, with winter fast approaching.  For many of us, coping with Fall is a bit […]

Heat, Drought, and Watershed Storage

Blog #80  6-30-21  CaliforniaGeo   A Heat Dome Covered the Pacific Northwest-  This week, Portland, Oregon became a standout for shattered record temperatures, causing a re-shuffling of high temp U.S. cities.  It was a tough string of days for a region where less than a third of residences have air conditioning.  It  was 117° in […]

Technology (alone) can’t stop global warming

Blog #79 4-18-21 CaliforniaGeo   Trends That Deserve Watching-  California continues to set unwelcome records that focus our attention on increased risk.  In 2020 we experienced a drought year that helped burn a record 4 million+ acres of wild lands, including the largest single fire ever recorded here.  Our most recent 7-year drought ended in […]

Will Action Follow Awareness?

Blog #77, CaliforniaGeo 10-5-20   Forests from a climate viewpoint-  I live in the center of the Plumas National Forest, located in the northern Sierra Nevada.  It is  owned and managed by the federal government and is just over a million acres in size (1,563 square miles).  As of this writing, California has lost four […]

Can Suffering Be Replaced By Solutions?

Blog #76 CaliforniaGeo 9-30-20 It’s Gettin’ Personal  I work in a sector of our society that is attempting to decarbonize homes and places of business in order to lower emissions and global warming.  They are the major culprits in climate change. phenomenon is like no other in our society, and the continuing effects on us […]

The Path of Beneficial Electrification

California Geo 4-3-20 Electricity has operated stationary devices and equipment for much of its history.  Until the development of Lithium-ion batteries for hand tools, plugs and cords were necessary to run equipment not already hard-wired to circuit breakers in an electrical box.  Aside from a brief, 1950s residential trend toward the “gold medallion” all-electric home, […]

2019 Year-End Reflections

CaliforniaGeo 12-27-19 Hello.  I’m Bill Martin, your leader at the California Geothermal Heat Pump Association.  We always push a consistent message— how renewable energy can replace fossil fuel use and the emissions they cause that threaten our health in the near term and our survival as a species in the long term. Geothermal heat pumps […]

Carbon divestment is the latest version of the boycott

CaliforniaGeo 12-11-19 The economic boycott as a means to achieve desired ends goes back to colonial America’s Stamp Act of 1765.  The better-known 1955 Montgomery, Alabama bus boycott was initiated by the arrest of Rosa Parks and it lasted 381 days until it equalized bus riders’ rights in the Jim Crow south.  Between these two […]

What the Levelized Cost of Electricity Tells Us

(Why we should care about that) CaliforniaGeo 8-13-19 The Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) is a numerical value that tells us what a particular generating technology will cost over 20 years to create a unit we are all familiar with—a Kilowatt hour.  It’s the same quantity that might be expressed as a 100 watt light […]