Affiliate Members of the California Geothermal Heat Pump Association

California Geothermal Heat Pump Association’s newest membership category was established in Spring, 2016.  It is designed for everyone else outside a direct connection to geothermal heat pump technology as a manufacturer, distributor, architect, engineer, installing contractor, or public utility.  This tax deductible, modest membership level costs $18 per year ($1.50 monthly) and fosters participation in our mission by a wider swath of the general public.  We welcome these new CaliforniaGeo Affiliate members:

Robert Large, Lancaster, CA                                                                               Tom Stallard, Woodland, CA

Tim Cutt, West Hills, CA                                                                                     Rick Katz, Agoura Hills, CA

Mark Stimson, Santa Barbara, CA                                                                      Larry Price, Quincy, CA

 Richard Bourne, Davis, CA                                                                                 Bill Nowak, (NYGEO) Buffalo, NY

Mark Metzner, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada                                           Cheryl Stanford, California City, CA

Eugene Wilson, Davis, CA                                                                                 Jack DiEnna, Springfield, PA

Eliot Hurwitz, Middletown, CA