Who pays for Aliso Canyon?

BILL WATCH Assembly buries Aliso Canyon aid bill Sacramento Bee 5-6-16 — JEREMY B. WHITE Following late resistance from business groups, a bill giving Porter Ranch residents more tools to seek legal redress for a gas leak fell far short in the California Assembly on Thursday.  The question is, who will pay for Aliso Canyon? A […]

California PUC wants substitute for Aliso Canyon storage

Excerpts from the DRAFT PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA Agenda ID 14895 ENERGY DIVISION RESOLUTION E-4791 May 26, 2016 RESOLUTION Resolution E-4791. Authorizing expedited procurement of storage resources to ensure electric reliability in the Los Angeles Basin due to limited operations of Aliso Canyon Gas Storage Facility. PROPOSED OUTCOME:  Requires Southern […]

Wal-Mart tests big rig of the future, the electric Class 8 truck

 From Sacramento Bee 9-20-15 Ronald White of the Los Angeles Times wrote an article for syndication that points toward the electric class 8 trucks.  These could become the heavy hauler truck of the future on America’s long and short hauls. It’s called the WAVE, short for the Wal-Mart Advanced Vehicle Experience.  It’s a concept truck […]

Wastewater Disposal from Fracking Approved

Concern over water quality grows after state OK’s pumping oil waste back into ground From Sacramento Bee 2/6/15 Ellen Knickmeyer from the Associated Press wrote an article for syndication that featured 2,553 fracking wastewater wells in California and the fact that 46% of them (1,172) were permitted or began injection in the previous four years […]

vertical closed loop ground heat exchanger

Vertical Grouted Geo Borehole (field)

One method to exchange thermal energy with the earth is a multi-bore, vertical loop field, sized to serve the geothermal heat pump equipment inside the building.  Grouted boreholes range from 150-to-500 feet in depth and are spaced least 15 feet apart.  Once the closed loop fluid’s piping (serving as a heat exchanger) drops 20 feet underground, the […]

open loop ground heat exchanger

Water Well With Re-injection (open loop)

A standard water well can be utilized to serve a geothermal heat pump with a stable supply of water from the shallow earth that usually does not vary in temperature throughout the year. Instead of bringing water into the house and see it lost to a gray water, sewer drain, or outside irrigation, the heat pump […]

surface water pond lake closed loop ground heat exchanger

Underwater closed loop

This closed loop takes advantage of direct water contact between the heat exchanger piping and water in a pond.  Conduction of thermal energy between the two is enhanced because fluid resides on both the inside and outside surface of the loop’s pipe.  Whenever there is a difference in temperature (ΔT), those fluids conduct thermal energy […]