Renewable electricity’s affect on markets’ levelized costs of energy (LCOE)

CaliforniaGeo 6-20-18 Market reality is continuing to shred the policy defenses of certain industries and government officials as renewables continue to chew into domains previously considered sacrosanct.  In the chart above, an acronym titled LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy) is used to compare solar photovoltaic generation with nuclear generation. Costs are dropping- As explained by […]

The Importance of Bi-National Industry Standard CSA 448 – Series 16

CaliforniaGeo 8-15-17  An Operational Roadmap- The importance of recognized standards in every organized business or industry is the only way to ensure that outcomes fall into what we would refer to as norms, or acceptable performance.  Consistent results are what matters.  The U.S. Public Health Service Telegraphic Code of 1915, (shown at right), made the […]

Soldiers in combat against climate change

CaliforniaGeo 8-5-17 A growing army of citizens, institutions, corporations, governments and cities (on multiple continents) are fighting climate change.  Their efforts grow from previously planned commitments to the Paris Accord of December, 2015.  Many of these soldiers have accelerated their efforts as an antidote to the Trump Administration’s official U.S. withdrawal from scheduled efforts.  The U.S. […]

A municipal complex gets GeoExchange® via a pond

CaliforniaGeo 8-3-17 Worn out infrastructure? Struggling with an HVAC system composed of various technologies of ages up to 25 years in their main municipal headquarters building, the City of Fort Collins, Colorado installed a complete geothermal heat pump retrofit.  The new system will provide a carbonless heating and  efficient cooling system for over twice that […]

Carbon auctions ruled legal in California

State Supreme Court says auction of carbon credits is constitutional Sacramento Bee 6-29-17 BY DALE KASLER Californians pay more for gasoline and other goods to finance the state’s war on climate change. The state Supreme Court decided Wednesday they’ll continue paying for at least three more years. The court declined to hear a lawsuit […]

The ideal learning package for green and/or sustainable knowledge

CaliforniaGeo 6-25-17 Short-term learning has exploded in the last 25 years.  Conferences still exist, but tighter budgets for business related learning and renewal has been met with targeted seminars.  It’s get in, get it, and get out.  It’s like E. Scrooge meets Cliff Notes.  Seminars have been joined by the Internet-based webinar.  Distance, overnight stays […]

An authoritative study for ASHRAE proves geo heat pumps ARE best

CaliforniaGeo 6-20-17 [This study was conducted by Oklahoma State University’s Jeffrey Spitler and Laura Southard.  Data processing was overseen by Xiaobing Liu of Oak Ridge National Laboratory.] A major retrofit project to the U.S. headquarters building in Atlanta, GA for the American Society of Heating and Refrigeration Engineers was envisioned as a “split system” but […]

Wanna forget your underground heat exchanger??

An Important “Proof-of-Concept” Project in Valley Stream NY taps flow from a water main for thermal exchange CaliforniaGeo 6-14-17 [This important HVAC retrofit at the William L. Buck Elementary School in Nassau County took on the first-cost issue of needing a ground heat exchanger for geo heat pumps head-on. Bosch Thermotechnology Corp.’s Business Development Manager […]

A Leading State Plans for Progress

 (and it’s not California) CaliforniaGeo 6-12-17 [On April 19-20, 2017, the New York Geothermal Energy Organization held a conference in Albany, the state’s capital.  It was titled “Helping New York Meet Its Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Goals.”  This state has built momentum that few others can claim.] Final attendance figures have not been published, but the […]

We owe those Heat Pump pioneers!

Heat Pump History by Bill Holladay From Engineering & Science Monthly (October, 1948) Take a look at mechanical history! We celebrate GHPs (geothermal heat pumps) as the most efficient thermal transfer equipment known.  But the grandfathers of GHPs go back to primitive compressor experiments prior to 1900 by VonRittenger.  In this Engineering & Science Monthly […]