IKEA is a green leader in Colorado

CaliforniaGeo 3-2–17 As what may become known as the “greenest” large retailer in the nation, IKEA  has hit a new mark for sustainability with its Centennial, Colorado store, south of Denver.  This store has two levels of underground parking, two levels of retail space, two restaurants with total  seating for 550, and contains 415,000 square […]

The Evolution of Wind Turbines

CaliforniaGeo 2-17-17 Commercial wind turbines evolve- While commercial wind turbines of 30 Kilowatts (KW) output were turning at Tehachapi Pass in California in 1981, NASA and the U.S. Department of Energy completed the first megawatt-scale wind farm in the nation at Goodnoe Hills, Washington.  That wind farm contained three two-blade turbine units, each capable of […]

Billions for power California doesn’t need?

CaliforniaGeo 2-6-17 Yesterday, the Los Angeles Times printed a feature article written by Ivan Penn and Ryan Menezes that called into question the state Public Utility Commission’s continuing approval for electrical power generating stations that push capacity well beyond regulatory requirements.  This excess costs California Consumers billions of dollars.   Why Is This? A clear […]

Hydrogen fuel cell use is on the rise

CaliforniaGeo 1-31-17 This week, it was announced that General Motors and Honda Motor Company have formed a joint venture to build fuel cell battery packs and market cars carrying them under both companies’ brands.  Fuel cells run on gaseous hydrogen, and this is widely thought of as a major shift away from fossil fuels in […]

Milking the Underground Thermal Aquifer

CaliforniaGeo 12-17-16 If you’re concerned with winter heating where you live, it might be helpful to know there’s a free, carbonless, renewable heat source under your feet.  That’s right.  When paired with heat pump compressor technology (well over 50 years old) you can concentrate low-grade heat from under the earth and deliver it inside your […]

Here come electric Class 8 trucks!

CaliforniaGeo 12-7-16 Nikola Motors of Salt Lake City just may be the Tesla of the heavy duty truck world.  Hey good buddy, are you ready for big rigs powered by electricity and fueled by renewable hydrogen?   It was announced in today’s Sacramento Bee that the California capital is in the running for Nikola’s main […]

What is a grouted, geothermal bore hole?

CaliforniaGeo 12-6-16 What They Are- When you want to exchange thermal energy with the earth, you must make an underground connection to tap it as your thermal battery.  There are multiple kinds of geothermal heat exchangers (GHEXs), but today we’ll look at the type known as grouted geothermal boreholes.  All photos in this post come […]

OPEC cuts output to prop up prices

 CaliforniaGeo 12-5-16 As reported by the Associated Press, OPEC will cut production for the first time in eight years as a step to prop up prices.  In theory, less supply raises prices if demand is otherwise steady.  But skeptics forecast that individual OPEC producers will cheat, exporting more than their assigned allotment. Why? The reasons […]

Trump climate policies worry many—perhaps unnecessarily

CaliforniaGeo 11-27-16 Presidential candidate Donald Trump promised to bring back coal extraction and use, and made disparaging remarks about renewable energy.  So much and so often that many green thinking citizens are scared stiff over reversals in climate change policy. “Drill, baby, Drill!” former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin is reported as seeking the cabinet post […]

Geo system provides direct cooling of an emergency operations center in Florida

Geo Exchange® provides direct cooling via groundwater CaliforniaGeo 11-16-16  The Pinellas County Emergency Operations Center in Florida isn’t any different than similar facilities across the country. It needs to be up and running—no matter what. However, because cooling is such a large part of the energy load here, the facility sought to attempt operating cost reductions late […]