Governance By CaliforniaGeo’s Board

California Geothermal Heat Pump Association, Inc. (DBA CaliforniaGeo) is a nonprofit, 501c6 organization, incorporated in California and listed by the Secretary of State’s Office. Our governance is by our officers and directors, who are all volunteers.  We operate without part-time or permanent staff.  Our founding board members saw a need for efforts to see that California’s deployment of geo heat pumps (GHPs) match many other states.  Such action will advance California’s statutory goals of advancing the de-carbonization of buildings and the boost sought in energy efficiencies.

Our board has established a Strategic Plan to advance this outcome.  Thus far, our signature achievement was the passage of AB 2339 in 2012 to establish a firm footing on which to build. We are now working to craft a blend of advocacy, education, and workforce training that will make market development a certainty for GHPs throughout California.

At any given time, we may have open seats on our board that will be filled from the ranks of our membership.  Our bi-monthly meetings are open for member or public input, and members elect those seeking a board seat.