Governance By CaliforniaGeo’s Board

Governance at CaliforniaGeo

California Geothermal Heat Pump Association, Inc. DBA CaliforniaGeo is a nonprofit, 501c6 organization, incorporated in California. The governance of CaliforniaGeo is by its officers and directors, who are all volunteers.  We operate without part-time or permanent staff.  The founding board members saw a need for our effort to see that California not only California’s Geothermal Heat Pump Status to the deployment of geo heat pumps (GHPs) in many other states, but fully incorporates GHPs into our state’s historic and continuing energy efficiency and greenhouse gas goals.

Our board has established a vision and a mission statement to reach this goal. Thus far, our signature achievement was the passage of AB 2339 in 2012 to establish a firm footing on which to build. We are now working to craft a blend of advocacy, education, and workforce training that will make market development a certainty for GHPs throughout California.

Below, seven of our 10 board members met in Santa Rosa 4/6/16 at our annual day-long meeting for strategy guiding the coming year.  We also meet monthly via an Internet-based mechanism, and are in frequent contact by phone and email.  CaliforniaGeo’s board is composed of those experienced in manufacturing, distribution, installing, drilling, engineering, and advocacy.  Our board membership hails from California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Colorado, Georgia, and Florida.


The CaliforniaGeo Board, April, 2016


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