CaliforniaGeo’s Vision, Mission and Purpose

CaliforniaGeo’s Vision

Always Looking Ahead

Always Looking Ahead

  • A Net Zero California for future generations
  • A fully organized, well trained and professional GHP industry
  • A well-educated GHP consumer
  • A thriving geo heat pump market
  • One million GHP installations in California by 2030

 CaliforniaGeo’s Mission:   

To unify and grow California’s geo heat pump industry and remove barriers to widespread deployment of geo heat pumps.

CaliforniaGeo’s Purpose:  

The purpose of CaliforniaGeo is to promote government, industrial stakeholder and public understanding of geo heat pump systems and to provide education, standards and resource information that fosters wider use of this technology and ensures the highest quality systems and services for California residents, businesses, academic and government institutions. CaliforniaGeo advances sustainable technologies that utilize renewable earth (geo) energy for heating and cooling the built environment.

Our equipment can lower electrical demands on the grid, reduce or eliminate greenhouse gas production from buildings and partner with renewable electricity to produce Carbonless Zero Net Energy buildings.  In commercial applications, we can reduce or eliminate the consumption of water by cooling towers, thus saving millions of gallons of water annually by a variety of buildings.