Our Vision, Mission and Values


Always Looking Ahead

Always Looking Ahead

CaliforniaGeo strives to be an industry leader for one of the most energy efficient technologies required to assist in meeting California’s future energy needs, the de-carbonization of buildings, fostering well-paying local employment opportunities and supporting and promoting Beneficial Electrification.


CaliforniaGeo promotes the proper application of GeoExchange® technology through advocacy, education, networking, technical information, training, and mentoring.  This allows CaliforniaGeo to unify and grow the ground source heat pump industry by removing barriers to widespread deployment of the technology.


By establishing and maintaining a set of guiding values and compliance with our ByLaws,  CaliforniaGeo will operate ethically and without violation of Anti-Trust regulations in U.S. law.  CaliforniaGeo’s members will maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in relationships with their suppliers, subcontractors, professional associates and customers.  Every association officer and member is expected to accept and conduct themselves in adhering to the guiding principles below.

Member-Focused support our members’ professional endeavors related to mechanical systems, building designs for efficiency and the pursuit of their low or zero carbon projects that tap renewable energy sources.

Communication establish and maintain effective and efficient communication within and external to the association.  This is critical to keep members informed and engaged.

Quality Serve as a forum for the development and dissemination of quality products, programs and information that rise above current Industry norms, within the abilities of a volunteer-driven association and limited funding.

Community work to build bridges between state and provincial geo associations to increase our industry’s core effectiveness in the absence of a strong national or international association.

Integrity deal in an upfront and honest manner amongst the Board, Advisory Committee, staff and membership.

Transparency ‘open-book’ describes the operational goals for the association.  CaliforniaGeo will conduct business in accordance with our ByLaws and remain ready for a review by anyone.