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The CaliforniaGeo Team


CaliforniaGeo is an organization that understands geothermal heat pumps and has dedicated its efforts to see that they are deployed as a major tool in achieving California’s bold goals for energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction.

The hurdles represented by recently adopted enhancements to building regulations are very close, and geothermal heat pumps can help our state muster the speed to clear them. Zero Net Energy buildings have been called for, and CaliforniaGeo is answering. We would be happy for you to JOIN US in this effort.

 California Geothermal Heat Pump Association, Inc. DBA CaliforniaGeo is a nonprofit, 501c6 organization, incorporated in California. Its officers and directors are all volunteers, and operate without part-time or permanent staff. The founding board members saw a need for our effort to see that California not only catches up to the deployment of geo heat pumps (GHPs) in many other states, but fully incorporates geothermal into our state’s historic and continuing energy efficiency and greenhouse gas goals.

Our board has established a vision and a mission statement to reach this goal. Thus far, our signature achievement was the passage of AB 2339 in 2012 to establish a firm footing on which to build. We are now working to craft a blend of advocacy, education, and workforce training that will make market development a certainty for geothermal throughout California.


With our Goal: To unify California’s geothermal heat pump industry and remove barriers to widespread deployment of geothermal heat pumps.  OUR HISTORY

We are succeeding at:

  • Providing a unified voice in California for the geothermal heat pump industry
  • Representing the industry in Sacramento and across the state
  • Serving as a general resource for industry development
  • Engaging the California Energy Commission (CEC) and California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)
  • Establishing geothermal heat pumps as a major component in a net zero effort
  • Creating and promoting barrier reducing initiatives like AB2339
  • Creating a statutory requirement for the update of the 1999 draft Geothermal Heat Exchange Well Standard
  • Providing a web resource to connect consumers to valued members

We are headed to:

  • A Zero Net Energy California for future generations
  • A fully organized, well trained and professional geothermal industry
  • A well-educated geothermal heat pump consumer
  • A thriving geothermal heat pump market
  • One million GHP installations in California by 2020

What we need: You.

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