5.1° of fluid temperature drop @9gpm yields 28,600 Btus per hour [Courtesy Martin Energetics]

There's (thermal) gold in them thar hills. Drill for it! [Courtesy Meline Engineering]

A 20-ton heat exchanger headed for the bottom of a sewer effluent pond [Courtesy Sonoma County Water Agency]

6' wide x 6' deep x 829' long trenching for 7 loop runs provides 5,800' of conducting pipe with average winter saturation at 40" [Courtesy Martin Energetics]

45" diameter Slinky® coils in silt @7' depth [Courtesy Martin Energetics]

Vertical Geo Borehole

Fusing Headers & Stubs

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U.S. Dept. of Energy Presents: 

Geothermal heating and cooling works in harmony with the Earth (2:32) 

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The California Geothermal Heat Pump Association

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Heating, cooling, and hot water 

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ENGEO leads a Geo Heat Pump Retrofit in San Ramon, CA (3:35)


We strive to turn California’s regulations and policies into green action by government, consumers, and businesses. These include the installation or retrofit of GHPs (geothermal heat pumps) to eliminate greenhouse gas generation by buildings, and to foster their achievement of LEED-certified ratings and a march toward carbonless ZeroNetEnergy, the most sustainable building option of all. Our advocacy is matched with increasing education and training to develop installation professionals and maintain quality standards for evaluation and measurement that prove performance of GHP technology.