Zero Net Energy Buildings

Creating Zero Net Energy Buildings with Off-the-Shelf Technologies

CaliforniaGeo’s True Zero Net Energy Seminar+Webinar, Creating Zero Net Energy Buildings with Off-the-Shelf Technologies, is set for April 23rd at San Jose City College (SJCC). Save a spot on your calendar to learn how progress will be made toward an all-ZNE new residential building requirement for 2020, with another one for commercial buildings by 2030. If your business is not prepared for making new buildings carbon-free and ZNE in five short years— reserve your seat to learn how ZNE is happening in both the new and (retrofit) built environment. Plan on attending this technology and case study-rich session. The advanced building train is leaving the station. Be sure you’re on it!

You’ve got two ways to participate. Attend in person at San Jose City College in San Jose, California or spare the air and attend via webinar from the comfort of your desk. Seating is limited for both, we suggest you register today.logo



Getting to Zero Net Energy by 2020 Without Fossil Fuels

Zero Net Energy (without carbon) will become the rule. See and understand how geothermal heat pumps paired with solar photovoltaics can make the grade. They give you all you need for on-site ZNE. There’s no need to use non-renewable fossil fuels when these off-the-shelf technologies are ready today.